Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone call the Police, he's going to kill me!

The Friday before Valentines day in the morning the front door to the office flies open and it's Chevrolet screaming "Someone call the Police, he's going to kill me!".  Her arms are flay-ling above her head and her purse goes sailing on to the couch.  She is yelling and is struggling to breath as she paces around from one room to the next repeating "call the Police, he's going to kill me".  Stretch and I look at each other, she is a little more upset this time than usual.  I ask repeatedly "Chevrolet, who are you talking about?"  "I can't call the police without knowing who your talking about."  She will not say.  Stretch and I open the office door and look outside, the courtyard is empty.  She is still moving around the office and clubhouse at full speed saying "he's going to kill me!"  She then asks to use the office phone to call her mama.  She steps from the lobby into my office to use the phone.  Then the front door of the office opens with such force I thought it was coming off for sure.  There stands a large muscular black man.  He looks past me and say's "Chevrolet, what the f*ck are you telling these guys?"  Now she is back to screaming at full volume.  I have seen this guy around the property over the past few weeks.  He comes into the clubhouse with one of the tenants to workout on the free weights.  He is covered with prison tats and is just plan tough looking.  He is in his mid 20's.  He is now trying to get past me and I keep moving back and forth to block his path.  He keeps saying "I just want to talk to Chevrolet".  He is being very aggressive and obviously angry.  He get tired of the dancing pretty quickly and makes a move to get around me.  He is heading into my office and I grab his coat where it buttons together at the chest and together we come to a stop when I hit the unopened half the the french doors to my office. I come to a stop and that spins him around to make him face me and he is loosing his balance.  He falls back on the office chairs and make eye contact with me for the first time.  I let go of his coat with my right hand a place it around his neck and get a good grip.  There was a little look of surprise in his eyes and I told him he is leaving my office now!  As he starts to regain his balance Stretch how has a hold of him too.  We stand him up and start pushing him backwards towards the door.  He makes another attempt to get by us and now pictures are coming off the wall and flyers, pens and business cards are flying everywhere (don't forget about Chevrolet screaming).  We push him back to the door and I keep telling him he need to "calm down, just go outside and calm down."  We now have him half way out the door, he is holding on to the door jam with both hands.  Then I see behind him is another black guy approaching.  I'm thinking, oh great!  This guy comes up and grabs the first guy buy the shoulders and tells him to calm down and just leave.  Finally, he complies and lets go.  I shut the door and lock it.  Then I call the Security guys and the Police.  Chevrolet is on the phone with her mama. She is telling her she can't tell the police who he is because he just got out of prison and is on parole, he is a gang-banger and he will just have her killed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm not wearing any pants!

Stan has some serious issues! See "The Players" list on the right.  We had to get in Stan's apartment because there was brown water coming through the ceiling in the apartment below him.  It can take days to get Stan to let you in.  I just walked out of an apartment on the third floor across from Stan's Apartment with a woman I was showing a unit to and I can hear Stan yelling.  I look over and Stretch (the maintenance man) was knocking on Stan's door.  Stan is going off!  Screaming for Stretch to get away from his door.  I looked at the woman I just showed the vacant apartment to and her eyes are like saucers and her mouth was hanging open.  I smiled and asked her if she had anymore questions.  She said no and left in a hurry.  I went over to Stan's apartment and started talking with him through the window.  I have pretty good report with Stan and tried to calm him down.  I tried to explain that there was water coming in from his apartment to the apartment below.  He was screaming that this was not a good time for him (it never is).  This goes on for 10 minutes or so.  By now we have half the tenants out in the court yard watching the show.  Then he starts screaming that he "is having a personal health issue" and he is "not wearing any pants".  Another 10 minutes of this and then he announces that he is "not wearing any pants and he is covered with diarrhea!"  I then try to get him to just go into a bedroom and close the door so we can come in and find out where the water is coming from.  After 20 minutes of trying to be reasonable, I just told him he has 20 minutes to get ready then we are entering.  He yells back he might be ready for us in 2 hours or so...  We walk away.  5 minutes later Stretch and I are across the way standing outside another unit when Stan's door opens and says he ready for us.  He did have a water leak, he was taking a bath on his toilet (you can use your imagination for this).  Never the less, I have some photos of his place.
Bathroom Door

Bedroom #1

Vanity outside Bathroom

Bedroom #2


Uh...Toilet, and for Stan it doubles as a shower


Other side of Living Room

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This guy has a pretty coat!

We have quite a few foreign people that live in our complex.  Many from Nepal.  This guy is 20 something and  lives with his parents in a 2 bedroom.  Today is flippin' cold outside.  The temp yesterday and today is -13F.  His coat was so pretty, I had to take a pic with my cell phone.