Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm not wearing any pants!

Stan has some serious issues! See "The Players" list on the right.  We had to get in Stan's apartment because there was brown water coming through the ceiling in the apartment below him.  It can take days to get Stan to let you in.  I just walked out of an apartment on the third floor across from Stan's Apartment with a woman I was showing a unit to and I can hear Stan yelling.  I look over and Stretch (the maintenance man) was knocking on Stan's door.  Stan is going off!  Screaming for Stretch to get away from his door.  I looked at the woman I just showed the vacant apartment to and her eyes are like saucers and her mouth was hanging open.  I smiled and asked her if she had anymore questions.  She said no and left in a hurry.  I went over to Stan's apartment and started talking with him through the window.  I have pretty good report with Stan and tried to calm him down.  I tried to explain that there was water coming in from his apartment to the apartment below.  He was screaming that this was not a good time for him (it never is).  This goes on for 10 minutes or so.  By now we have half the tenants out in the court yard watching the show.  Then he starts screaming that he "is having a personal health issue" and he is "not wearing any pants".  Another 10 minutes of this and then he announces that he is "not wearing any pants and he is covered with diarrhea!"  I then try to get him to just go into a bedroom and close the door so we can come in and find out where the water is coming from.  After 20 minutes of trying to be reasonable, I just told him he has 20 minutes to get ready then we are entering.  He yells back he might be ready for us in 2 hours or so...  We walk away.  5 minutes later Stretch and I are across the way standing outside another unit when Stan's door opens and says he ready for us.  He did have a water leak, he was taking a bath on his toilet (you can use your imagination for this).  Never the less, I have some photos of his place.
Bathroom Door

Bedroom #1

Vanity outside Bathroom

Bedroom #2


Uh...Toilet, and for Stan it doubles as a shower


Other side of Living Room

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