Saturday, March 5, 2011

Drama kills a lease

This nice single mother with her 10 year old daughter shows up to rent a 2 bedroom apartment.  It's close to her work and the price is right.  I take her to the "B" building on the property to show her the apartment.  As we enter the courtyard I can hear loud music.  It's coming from Chevrolet's apartment.  Her door is standing wide open and the music is cranked.  Of course the apartment I'm taking them too is on the third floor and right next door to Chevrolet!  Chevrolet's apartment is right a the top of the stairs.  As I get to the top of the stairs I stick my head in the open door and don't see anyone in site.  I yell Chevrolet's name over the music 2 times.  Then the bedroom door opens and she sticks her head out and I can see she is pissed off.  She screams and I mean screams "I'll turn down the Fucking music, just leave me alone!"  then slams the door.  I unlock the next apartment and take the lady and her daughter inside.  We are in the apartment maybe 20 seconds and then Chevrolet slams her front door so hard it rattles the windows in probably half the building.  Somehow I got the feeling this lady did not want to live next door to Chevrolet.  When I returned to my office I filled out a Violation Notice and posted it on her door.  A couple of hours later she walks in to my office.  I'm talking to the blind guy (more on him later).  She starts in with her "I'm sorry for yelling at you" crap.  I stop her and tell her I've had it with her drama and that she needs to grow-up.  These mood swings and acting like she is trying out for some B film has to stop.  She keeps repeating "I'm sorry, do you forgive me?".  I told her I didn't need her to apologize, I need her to change her actions (I know this is not going to happen).

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  1. Is it safe to assume the potential tenant ran for her life?