Saturday, March 12, 2011

Star Bright's New Baby!

Stretch calls me on the radio to come to the North maintenance shop.  He his giggling over the radio.  When I get there he is standing in the doorway and says he just seen Star Bright standing in her doorway to her apartment holding a baby.  He said "I was looking and thinking what the fuck?"  The thought of Star Bright with a child is frighting.  Then he says it was a doll that she is caring around and pretending it's a baby.  I said "No Way!, Really?"  He points up to the third floor to the door opening at Kung Fu Panda's apartment where Star Bright is now coming out of (apparently they are getting pretty close now, my daughter said she is sure they will be living together in less than 2 months).  She is caring 2 dolls now.  As she is coming down the steps she sees us both watching her and asks "have you guys met George and Rebeca yet? "No" we both reply at the same time.  I"m trying to get the camera on my phone to load.  She walks up to us and holds both of them up.  I ask "Can I get a picture of this?"  "Sure" she says.  So, I snap one right away.  Stretch is just laughing!  We have 2 tenants that live here named George and Rebeca they are couple but, now they live in different apartments (another story).  So, I ask "how did you choose those names?"  She holds up the bunny and says "Well... Rebeca just sounded like a motherly name". And then holding up the baby she continues "I named this one George because he has a monkey on his shirt". 

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