Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So much happens in one day!

There is so much that happens in one day you wouldn't believe. It's hard to get the time to write about it.  Today, there was at least 5 people to see apartments, 4 applications to process and send in.  9 Voicemails from Stan.  He also called 7 times while I was at lunch.  Scheduled carpet instillation for 2 apartments, and steam cleaning for 2 others.  One guys fridge quit working, 3 people complaining about the 3 day notice they received (one even spoke English!) and a lease renewal.  I received at least 6 phone calls inquiring about apartments for rent.  However, half of them where just evicted yesterday and the rest had felonies and wanted to know it that was a problem. One girl that came to turn in her application for an apartment didn't have any money (they need to have an application fee and deposit before we run an application).  She said "I"ll bring you the app fee and deposit in a couple of weeks.  I have to use this weeks paycheck to pay the outstanding balance at our last apartment.  We where evicted and I owe them money."  Another call was a woman that wants to know how many evictions can they have before we would deny an application.  She was evicted a couple of weeks ago and is living with her mother and some other relatives and they are getting evicted and needs a place right away. I had several calls back and forth with some other apartment complexes and our collection agency about some outstanding balances (on a couple of people that moved out last year to "follow the Lord", which apparently was in Texas at the time).  One tenant stopped me today to tell me about one of his neighbors that is dealing drugs (the DA's office called me about them last week).  Old man Bob our grounds keeper spent time in a vacant unit today trying once again to get rid of the smell of cat piss!  He has spent many weeks off and on with several different chemicals and it still smells strong!  I confiscated 2 bicycles today, one for the second time.  The other bike's owners came to me and wanted his bike back.  He is from Nepal and is apparently stupid, slow in the head, or just likes buying new bikes.  I looked at him and asked "how many times have we had this conversation? 37, 38 maybe 40?  How many bikes have I taken from you?  Probably 10?"  "If I give you your bike back are you going to chain it to the fence again?"  He responds (be sure to use an Indian accent for full effect)  "No Sir!, I will keep it in my apartment"  I looked at him and shook my head "sure you will, just like the last 10 times" then went and retrieved this bike. At one point a real irritating tenant with too many barking dogs is running to catch me in the parking lot between buildings and tells me her light in the hall exploded.  I had to print an invoice for utilities and deliver to a tenant that needed it to apply for help with her heating bill, she said she destroyed the one we mailed her.  We had a cleaning lady from one of our other properties come to work at our property today to clean some vacant units.  She cleans slow and talks fast.  You just have to walk away from her or she will never quit talking!  I told her today she needed to pick up the pace... She wanted to talk about it!  Go Figure!  That's about half of the stuff I can think of that happened today.

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