Friday, March 4, 2011

Love Letters from Tenants!

I love it when I get letters from tenants!  They are great to read out loud over coffee with the crew first thing in the morning (right after listening to the 15+ voice mails from Stan).  This one is from a tenant that moved in just a couple of months ago.  She is in her late 50's, single and babysits her 2 granddaughters during the day. Her apartment is on the ground floor right across the pool from the office.  Her windows & blinds to her apartment are open all the way 24/7.  When the temp reached -20, her windows where wide open.  I went to door to make sure someone was home and didn't just leave and forget to close the windows.  She says she leaves them open because she smokes. 

Here is the letter I received in the rent drop box a week or so ago...
This is great, she says she hardly goes there.  But, she is there everyday to babysit her granddaughters that get dropped off at 8 AM.  I called her and left her a voice mail addressing her questions and concerns.  As for people looking through her windows, it seems pretty simple to me... Close them!  She feels scared?  We have a security patrol that walks the property 4 times a night and they have received no calls to her unit.  I let her know that there are 6 other single female tenants that live on her floor in the same building and I have not received any complaints from them about safety.  Oh, the dishwasher is "broken".  The problem is she broke the soap door off and says the dishwasher will not work without it.  I let her know we are trying to locate one and that the machine will operate just fine with out it.  I'll try to share more letters!

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